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About Me

African clothing and accessories
My Love Story With Fashion:

When you shop here, know that everything on this site has been lovingly selected and curated for you. If you see it here then it is also in my closet or something I would buy for myself.  I have so many people always stopping and asking me "where I get the things I wear"and sometimes even confusing them for my own couture line. They planted a seed in me and the seed is Ajala Boutik.


A.J.A.L.A., a term used to describe a world traveler in Africa, (An AfriQ Expressions Company), is a chic global hub that specializes in curating and bringing you unique, sophisticated and stylish high-fashion looks. Ajala Boutik, is a style Mecca for the sartorially savvy.


My name is Ola Alabi and I am the Designer, Creative Director and the Founder of AfriQ Expressions Fashion House, a High Fashion Design House that offers personalized design services. We create modern, sexy and sometimes futuristic looks with the use of traditional African craftsmanship and fabrics but with the aesthetics of the global culture as the ultimate look. Together the mesh of culture, trend and style become "AfriQ Expressions" or (Urban Chic). 

I have always seen myself as a curator of beautiful things. Long before the conception of AfriQ Expressions Fashion House, I had a dream to open a global ethnic boutique/hub that celebrates the best of clothing and accessories from exotic locations from all over the world, (eventually we will branch out to some home accessories also). While the dream was cooking, I went on other life journeys that have prepared me for this big dream that is now birthed. 

I am excited that the first phase of the planned Flagship store to be opened in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A is already in the works with plans to open soon. This website is a way of reaching others who may want access to enjoy the benefit of this global ethnic hub, but are limited geographically.


Our Mission: The aim of the “Ajala Boutik” is to help promote the many deserving talented Artisans and Designers around the world by showcasing their work to people who may otherwise not have knowledge of, or an easy access to them.

Founder: Ola is a curator of all things beautiful and exotic. She is also a stylist and a designer. “For me” Ola says, "my design ideas are very visual—seeing something, feeling it, and being inspired by it takes me into the creative world. When I style a person and they feel that my work mirrors who they are or shows them a vision of the best of who they want to be, that is the greatest feeling in the world for me."

For our own fashion brand, please check us out on or at our other shop,

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